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About Manaar Energy Consulting & Project Management

Manaar was established in 2010 to provide advisory services to energy companies in Iraq and the UAE. Today, Manaar is expanding as a specialist in commercial and operational risk management throughout the Middle East, East Asia and Africa.

This means using our knowledge and people to help clients understand and manage the risks related to investments and projects in our areas of business. It also means combining technical, commercial and political knowledge to help our clients better understand and manage project and investment risks.

As we look to 2017, we see major uncertainty and opportunities throughout the energy space. Our focus is on providing leading risk analysis and management support for oil & gas and infrastructure projects. We continue to invest heavily to strengthen our products and services in response to a more complex business environment and client needs for deeper and more commercially relevant content.

Manaar’s products are known as risk analytics. This combines our own research and studies with advanced data analytics applications. The aim is to give our clients highly customized research, but also the  technology to strengthen research analysis, using as many information sources and processes as needed to make informed business decisions.


Snapshot of Activities


  • Manaar is a consulting & outsourcing group supporting energy & infrastructure projects .
  • We specialize in risk management & management outsourcing for business & investment operations .
  • Our strengths include deep research, analysis and strong management experience in the Middle East, East Asia and Africa .
  • We help companies become more competitive by helping them understand and manage the risks related to investments and projects in our areas of expertise.


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Hamdan Street, Crystal Tower Office Floor, Office: 101 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Tel : +971 2 6767336
Fax : +971 2 6767917
E-mail : info@binhoufan.com
hrr@binhoufan.com (For Manpower Supply)

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